WT HJ DVD Front Cover Only.jpgHealing Justice: Cultivating a World of Belonging is the newest World Trust film by Dr. Shakti Butler.  Designed for dialogue, the film highlights the need to address trauma, justice and healing as part of a more comprehensive approach to addressing the youth-to-prison pipeline. We want to support a national dialogue that investigates and considers alternatives to our current punitive model of justice and the need for institutional policy change.

There are three types of film and dialogue premieres listed below to consider:

Option A: Community Building

Your part:

  • Find and book the venue and arrange for all AV equipment
  • Build the audience through promotion, generating press coverage, and personally inviting people who work in criminal justice
  • Cover Shakti Butler’s expenses for travel and accommodations
  • Provide World Trust with a table to sell DVDs and collect names, and provide a couple of volunteers to staff the table

You get:

  • Opportunity to bring your community together to tackle the issues raised in the film
  • Tools for community members to address issues of trauma, healing and justice
  • Visibility and recognition as community leader and convener
  • Energy and inspiration to challenge the youth to prison pipeline in your community

Our part:

  • Shakti Butler will introduce the film and provide context.  She will facilitate discussions among audience members at several points during and after the film
  • We provide you with marketing materials that you can customize
  • We promote your event through our website and social media

We get:

  • The proceeds from DVD sales plus the names and emails we collect
  • More people working for justice and healing

Option B: Building Community and Raising Money

The same as Option A, plus:

  • You sell tickets and we split the proceeds.  You set the ticket price(s); you can make this a low-priced community event, a high-priced donor event, or a combination.

Option C: Building Community and Building Skills

The same as Option A or B, plus:

  • Shakti will present a workshop the day after the film showing.  The workshop could be for your organization or for a larger community.  We will work with you to determine the content which could be—
    • a deeper dive into alternatives to the youth to prison pipeline
    • understanding the system of racial inequity
    • understanding and transforming white privilege
    • learning Strategic Questioning for Social Justice—a technique designed to move people through change
    • helping your organization understand and address internal issues of equity and inclusion
  • There will be a fee for this workshop which we will discuss with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long is the film and the surrounding program?

  • Healing Justice: Cultivating a World of Belonging is 90 minutes.  We need at least two hours—2 ½ is better, so that you can welcome folks and introduce your organization, Shakti can introduce herself and set the context for the film, and so there is time for facilitated dialogue among audience members.  Dialogue will happen at several points during and after the film and this is a key part of World Trust’s work.

2. Is the film close-captioned?

  • Yes.

3. Can I preview the film?

  • The film is not yet ready for preview, but you can see clips here.  Scroll down to the section called Blessings and Inoculation.  Begin there and check out all that follow. These clips will not appear in their entirety in the film but they give you a good idea of the content and approach.

3. Who is the intended audience?

  • In addition to the general public, we are particularly interested in reaching policy makers and folks who work in the criminal justice system—judges, police, DA’s, attorneys, parole officers, etc.,--as well as educators at all levels, school principals, school board members, etc.

4. What size venue should we get?  Is there a maximum number of people?

  • There is no maximum.  Most of the dialogue will happen in groups of two or three.  What matters is that everyone can see the screen and head the audio.

5. If we go with Option B, how do we split the ticket sales? 

  • We don’t have a fixed formula.  Let’s talk.

6. If we go with Option C and want to do a workshop, how long is the workshop and how will we choose the topic?

  • We will talk with you about the issues you are facing and the goals you have for the workshop—what you want to be different.  We will make suggestions based on that and ultimately you will decide.  We will incorporate your issues and aspirations into the workshop materials.
  • The length of the workshop will depend on the subject matter and on the amount of time you have in your schedule.  We can do some workshops in one hour and some require more.  We will work with you to accommodate your timing needs.

7. Is World Trust open to our organization creating a different Option?

  • Yes!  Let’s connect. Email our Director of Outreach, Ginny Berson at or:Click Here to Connect