Now is the time to deepen learning about systemic racism. This diversity training resource supports adult learning.
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Dear Friend,

Black Future Month
is new way to look at the Black History Month tradition. At World Trust, we acknowledge that history is an ever-present component of the system of inequity that African Americans and all people of color face.  Black Future Month is about honoring history while building on the momentum of 2014 and moving towards true racial justice in our lifetime.
In honor of Black Future Month we invite you to stream our ground-breaking film 

Cracking the Codes and use it to have a conversation that matters.  

  • Rent online for $4.99
  • Insight into the role of History in perpetuating inequality
  • Understand Racial Inequity through a systemic frame and powerful story-telling
  • Individuals can stream right from our website - great for students, colleagues, family
  • Considering buying the DVD for your institution

Celebrate Black Future Month with me and start your conversation today.  

With Love for Justice,

Shakti Butler, PhD
President, World Trust

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Meet Tammy Johnson, World Trust Workshop FacilitatorTammy_Johnson-crop

Tammy's expertise comes from years of cross cultural engagement, leadership and movement building. She spent a decade advancing racial equity at Race Forward in several capacities -- as a trainer, writer, and public speaker. As a dancer, Tammy brings a level of creativity and presence that is valuable in equity & diversity education.

"Our day with Tammy was fabulous.  Attention, engagement, give-me-moreness--the energy was palpable, alive.  You could tell this was meaningful for people."  -- Seth Pollack, California State University, Monterey Bay

Learn more about Tammy and book a workshop.


FoodLabWorld Trust at Food Lab Detroit
Food Lab Detroit is a community of triple-bottomline food entrepreneurs committed to making the possibility of good food in Detroit a sustainable reality. Shakti Butler recently worked with FoodLab to build community among their diverse leadership group and share how systemic inequity can impact their goals.

"This helped staff and members see where we all fit into the system -- and we now have it as a reference point for our discussions. Shakti Butler's strategic questioning process has helped me to reframe things I’m working through and be more positive and productive rather than in deficiency-based thinking.
- Colin Packard, Community Program Manager, Food Lab Detroit

Learn more about Shakti's strategic questioning approach


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Current events - nationally and globally - are heartbreaking. The world is crying out for the kind of racial equity dialogue and community building we provide. World Trust is a 501c3 organization that depends on our community to fund greater impact, can you offer financial support?

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