World Trust and Zootopia!


 Our Founder, Dr. Shakti Butler, consulted with Disney as the team created their new 3D film, ZOOTOPIA.  

"What we learned from Dr. Shakti Butler and Cracking the Codes had a profound effect on the entire story-telling team behind Zootopia. It not only changed, but forever deepened the way we approached bias and stereotype." - Jared Bush (writer & co-director of Zootopia)


Shakti described her experience this way:

"Working on this project provided an opportunity to support the potential of media to reinforce principles of equity in culture. It's refreshing when writers and directors are actively seeking ways to interrupt biases and stereotypes. Jared Bush and his team watched Cracking the Codes first and then, after a trip to Disney, we were able to use a frame for setting common language and understanding that supported character development. It was both my honor and a delight to provide input throughout the film making process." 


Make sure you go see ZOOTOPIA!




About World Trust

Through education rooted in love and justice, World Trust is a catalyst for racial equity. Through our films, curriculum and workshops, thousands of new people each year learn about racial justice and commit to positive change. World Trust is a respected and valued resource because we:

  • Engage more participants in healthy, productive dialogue.
  • Help ensure the experience is transformative.
  • Build connections across the racial divide.
  • Open the way for institutional change.
  • Provide tools so that the learning continues after workshops.

We build a environment of trust in our workshops so that authentic conversation can happen, and so that stakeholders are open to hearing perspectives that are not their own.  This step of building community is a critical component of change, equal to intellectual understanding of racism. Without it, participants have less personal stake in the outcome, and with this step a sense of hope, connection, healing and possibility emerges.  Employing framing, we take the focus off of individuals and put it on to the system of inequity, where it belongs while still empowering individuals to engage in self-reflection.   

Our highly acclaimed films, including Cracking the Codes: the System of Racial Inequity, have been used by millions to deepen understanding and conversations about race.  

Click here to  watch a clip of Cracking the Codes

We also produce curriculum, our Racial Equity Learning modules, that educators can use in the classroom and during workshops to deepen learning.  Each module consists of 4-6 hours of instructional material with community building exercises, film and video, arts learning, history, core lessons from experts in the social justice field, indigenous wisdom, and additional resources. 

Who We Are

World Trust Founder and President

Shakti Butler, PhD, filmmaker, Founder & President of World Trust, is a dynamic educator in the field of diversity and racial equity.  Dr. Butler engages audiences with participatory keynotes and workshops, often using clips from her films. Known as a catalyst for change, she is hired by organizations seeking broader support for their diversity & inclusion goals.  

Click here to preview some of Shakti's work and click here for coverage of Shakti receiving the Jefferson Award earlier this year.

  Our Workshop and Seminar Facilitators


World Trust has a gifted and highly skilled team of facilitators.  Click here to learn more about our diverse roster of workshop leaders.  


Who We Work With - A Sampling of Our Clients 

 Higher Educational Institutions    

   Boston University

   Stanford University

   UC Berkeley

   University of Notre Dame 


   Blue and Gold Fleet, San Francisco, CA

   Disney, Burbank, CA

   IBM – Palo Alto, CA

   Kellogg Corporation – Battle Creek, MI 

  Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterrey, CA

 Government Agencies

City of Seattle

US Dept. of Forestry

US Postal Service


Ann E. Casey Foundation

W.K. Kellogg Foundation


Boston Public Health Commission

Alameda County Health Services 

Non-Profit and Faith-based Organizations

Amnesty International – San Francisco, CA

Ann Martin Center, Emeryville, CA

Episcopalian Church – San Francisco, CA Diocese

Community Action Group, MA

K-12 Institutions

Montessori Schools in Chicago and Bay Area

Unified School Districts throughout CA

Oakland Unified School District

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“Racial injustice is a central root of systemic poverty, violence and incarceration in this country.   Without authentic conversation we can't move forward toward change. World Trust has an amazing ability to get people to engage with one another--to explore how deeply this system impacts all of us and to invest in working together for a world that will work for all of us.  Audiences will come away with skills as well as renewed energy and hope for individual and collective healing, action, and transformation."

-Ann Russo Associate Professor of Women's and Gender Studies, DePaul University

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